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UC Merced Foundation Sculpture with Seal

Work Groups

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall provide leadership and oversight of the Foundation Board of Trustees, including through the following:

  • Sets UC Merced Foundation goals
  • Holds the Board accountable to the goals through the activity of the Work Groups
  • Supports and guides the Work Groups to achieve their goals


Curtis Riggs
Chair of the Board

Monya Lane
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Denise Watkins
Immediate Past Chair

Art Kamangar

Sid Israels

Vik Lakireddy
Member at Large

Fred Ruiz
Member at Large

Greg Stangl
Member at Large

Chancellor Juan Muñoz
Ex-Officio Member

Ed Klotzbier

Lisa Pollard Carlson
Vice President

Grey Roberts
Audit Chair

Daryl Hatano
Advocacy and Awareness Co-Chair

Jack Oswald
Advocacy and Awareness Co-Chair

John Loll
Connections and Engagement Co-Chair

Joan Snyder
Connections and Engagement Co-Chair

Ty Jagerson
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Co-Chair

Bob Tinker
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Co-Chair

Lesley Slaton Brown
Nominations Chair

The Audit Committee shall be responsible for overseeing audit procedures in compliance with the California Nonprofit Integrity Act, including the following duties:

  • Recommends the retention and termination of the independent auditor
  • Reviews and determines acceptance of the annual audit
  • Approves the performance of any non-audit services by the auditing firm


Grey Roberts, Chair

Dinesh Moorjani

Brenda J. Pannell-Nash

The Advocacy and Awareness Work Group shall be responsible for the following:

  • Strengthens relationships with elected officials and builds connections within the state
  • Advises on key marketing opportunities and strategies
  • Assists in identifying opportunities in which Trustees can advocate on behalf of and promote UC Merced
  • Identifies and promotes a Regental candidate from the San Joaquin Valley


Daryl Hatano, Co-Chair

Jack Oswald, Co-Chair

Trevor Albertson

Keith Alley

Jane Binger

Jack Garamendi

Yukiko Kojima

Cyril Lawrence

Rodney Nickens

Tim Razzari

Michael Roland

Parwinder Samran

Greg Stangl

Antonio Villaraigosa

The Connections and Engagement Work Group shall be responsible for the following:

  • Supports and promotes the fundraising priorities for the institution
  • Raises external resources
  • Identifies and facilitates introductions to prospective donors


John Loll, Co-Chair

Joan Snyder, Co-Chair

Bob Bernstein

Carol Bright Tougas

Kate Ecker

Kenni Friedman

Art Kamangar

George Kelley

Chris Kennedy

Hanimireddy Lakireddy

Brenda Pannell-Nash

Tracy Proietti

Jhansi Reddy

Grey Roberts

Lynn Seppala

Denise Watkins

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Work Group shall be responsible for the following:

  • Helps UC Merced build an environment that supports a pioneering and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Builds an A-list of industry partnerships


Ty Jagerson, Co-Chair

Bob Tinker, Co-Chair

Renae DeJager

Dick Elkus

Dan Feitelberg

Teuila Hanson

Sid Israels

Lee Kolligian

Vikram Lakireddy

Ranu Mishra

Dinesh Moorjani

Tracy Proietti

Jan Söderström

Vishal Verma

The Nominations Work Group shall be responsible for the following:

  • Works with campus leadership to identify board needs to inform strategic outreach and consideration
  • Carries out the processes for considering new trustees and term renewals
  • Facilitates engagement of trustees prior to, throughout, and following service


Lesley Slaton Brown, Chair

Lisa Andrew

Mike Carpenter

Frank Dean

Lori Gallo

Eileen Hamilton

Monya Lane

Matthew Lee

Christine Long

Lazar Piro

Curtis Riggs

Krishna Thondapu